QFR Agenda

Welcome to the grand QFR musical event presented by Atlanta Tamil Mandram! Hope you Enjoy the show!


  1. The event will start at 6 PM sharp, please be on time and get seated.
  2. Please review the school map here and park in the “General Parking” area, highlighted in Orange Section below. Kindly Park here and walk towards to the theater. Yellow line highlighted here.

3. There will be two counters in the Check-In area. One will be for VVIP/VIP and Group (5 and above) tickets holders and the other is for Premium & Basic ticket holders.

4. Please bring the QR code of the ticket for us to scan and confirm admittance.

5. QR code will be on the ticket E-mail (screenshot below)

Click on “View your ticket” to get to the QR code. 

6. If you bought a group ticket, but will come in two different times, please provide QR code for whoever is with you at the time of check in. Others can check in using their QR code when they come.

7. Once you go inside the theater, please be seated on your designated seat only. Almost all VVIP/VIP/Premium tickets have sold out. This will greatly help to start the event on time.

8. Strictly no Food or Water inside the theater. The school management has clearly told us that Food or Water cannot be taken inside the theater.

9. We will have water dispensers and cups in the lobby area for your convenience.

10. If you have pre-ordered Snacks and Tea, please eat/drink at the lobby before getting into the theater.

11. Rest rooms are located right across the theater in the lobby area.

12. If you have pre-ordered Dinner, please note that we will distribute them only when the show ends. Volunteers will also be inside the theater hall, appreciate your understanding on this.

13. Don’t forget to enjoy the show 🙂

If you have any other questions, please reach out to the following coordinators.

  • Ariv – 703 296 1297
  • Sudha – 443 819 7524