2023 Yearly Report

ATM Annual Report 2023

It gives us immense pleasure to provide an update on all the tremendous work that has happened since ATM’s inception in Feb 2023. ATM has seen great successes because of the warm reception and support from all of you! We assure you that with your continued encouragement, ATM will be able to achieve its primary goal of building a community centre.
ATM is now 560 members strong and we are continuing to grow. 

Please see key membership data below

Highlights from the year 2023

  • Meet with Gov Kemp on Mar 29th, 2023 to receive the Proclamation of Tamil New year at the State Capitol 
  • Inaugural event held on Apr 23rd, 2023 – Chithirai thiruvizha – Special inaugural speech by Mrs. Bharathi Baskar and special Pattimandram chaired by Pattimandram Raja and special speaker Bharathi Baskar along with 7 Atlanta local speakers including 2 youth speakers
  • Celebration of Mother’s Day / Women
  • Yoga event
  •  : Senior program for ATM senior citizens of Atlanta was conducted on Aug 5th 2023 at Sharon forks library from 2:30 pm till 5:30 pm encouraging new member registration too
  • It was a great opportunity for the elders to meet and make new friends along with a cup of tea and light snacks
  • Summer workshops for children (Tamil story time, Calligraphy, Python course, Computer Coding, Tamil songs)
  • Family picnic – cooked and served Biryani on the spot
  • Sports events – Volleyball / Tennis / Badminton
  • KGR musical evening – 7 Atlanta local singers performed along with the KGR band
  • Meet with newly appointed Consular General of Atlanta, Mr.Ramesh Babu
  • Volunteer appreciation lunch meet

Meet with Mr.K.Sivasubramani, IPS (CBI division)

Sub-committee updates

ATM’s official sub-committees were formed to ensure equal distribution of work and effective execution of various activities.The following are the sub-committees:

Here is a brief update from each of the sub-committees


  • Food drive-Collected during Chithirai Thiruvizha and handed over to The place
  • Clothing drive – Have collected and boxed over 25 boxes. Waiting to be shipped to India. Orphanages / Old age homes have been identified.
  • Blood drive – Marietta region – 15 donors. Another event is planned in the first quarter of 2024, in the Cumming area. ATM collaborated with LifeSouth for the blood drive
  • Cultural:

    • Chithirai Thiruvizha – 143 participants
    • Women / Mother’s Day – fashion show, talent show (music, dance, silambam, stand up comedy)
    • Family picnic – local talent show (music, dance) 
    • Deepavali event – The team provided a great opportunity for over 272 participants
  • Education:

    • Summer workshops were conducted for Calligraphy, Computer programming, Photography, Python coding and Tamil songs/stories
    • The youth/adult volunteers were the showrunners and the whole camp was conceptualised and executed by our own volunteers 


    • 26,000+ emails sent via 48+ newsletters @ 65% member viewership

    • 100+ youtube videos published with custom youtube thumbnail

    • 925+ youtube subscribers 
  • Volleyball – 14+ teams participated. Despite the heat the event was very successful

    • Johns Creek City Council Bob Erramilli and Stacy Skinner inguarated the Volleyball Tournament.
    • Tennis – We had a great turn out despite the cold weather
    • Badminton – over 250 games were played
    • ATM Official Website ( commissioned and maintained
    • Membership / events management system (Glueup) setup and maintained
    • Membership Mobile app established for all the members
    • 100+ flyers created for ATM events
    • Migrated newsletter platform from mailchimp to glueup
    • Implemented Google workspace for cost savings
    • Integrated cheaper Paypal payment gateway with website
    • Integrated google forms with website
    • Migrated paid Canva account to non-profit canva account
    • Facebook ad campaign run successfully for QFR to improve ticket sales
    • Setup Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, whatsapp and LinkedIn Company pages
    • SEO optimization for website 
    • Trained the youth tech sub-committee creating a future tech team 
    • Youth:
  • The Youth volunteer subcommittee proudly boasts a total of 80 volunteers.This group of volunteers always have shown a lot of enthusiasm and interest in all of the events ATM has conducted so far. The time and effort they contribute for ATM is priceless and very much appreciated. We are very fortunate to have a generous bunch. As a highlight,two of our volunteers sold their own hard work (Art and Jewelry) and donated all of the proceeds to the community center. ATM lauds their generosity and spirit.

    • Youth contributions to Summer camp – Calligraphy and Python course was fully designed and led by the Youth volunteers 
    • Tech committee – Youth volunteers helped to design flyers, maintaining website and commissioning new technology platforms/updates
    • Youth volunteers help us in all aspects and are continuing to work on new initiatives to implement in 2024
    • Youth Band/Choir:
    • The Youth band comprises about 80 people with 35 kids actively participating
    • The band always start our events with our Thamizh thai vazhthu and Star spangled banner
    • The band had an opportunity to perform along with the QFR band

    Total youth volunteer hours – 500+

Financial Updates

As our long term vision is to build an ATM Community Centre within a short period of 5 years or below, since inception, we worked towards building savings with the honorary life member contributions and specific fundraising for the ATM Community Center using donations and events like QFR.

We have achieved savings of $67,035 (Honorary Lifetime family, Lifetime family, ATM community center, Charity, Bank interest) in 2023 and wanted to share this with you all. We will continue to work towards saving more in coming years for building our ATM Community Center.

We have received several positive feedback from the Georgia State Governor, State Senator, and the Indian Consulate General. Building a positive reputation and becoming a recognized brand within the Tamil and Indian communities in Atlanta is indeed a significant achievement.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank and appreciate you all for your support throughout the year.

Sincere Thanks, 

Founders, BoD, Executive Committee

We would like to thank all the sponsors for making the year 2023 indeed wonderful. This would not have been possible without them. We appreciate the generosity and support from each of our sponsors.

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